[Kdrama|Review] 1% of Anything (2016)

I accidentally bumped into this series when browsing over new drama list. It caught my attention when I saw the title similarity with one from 2003. Then after few reading here and there, this is indeed the remake drama of the 2003 drama series (starred by Kang Dong won) and the tv adaptation of the … Continue reading



Hi guys, It is passed on year already since my last post on January 2017. To be honest, my work has been occupying my time and I did not have the chance to keep up with the news update nor i have the time to translate and summarize everything into a blog post. So, I … Continue reading


Okay, first of all, the one who dragged me into this drama is of  course actor Yeon Woojin. His works are always entertained me, from “Marriage Not Dating” until “A Divorce Lawyer In Love” both are great drama. His acting skill is also great. Then the 2nd reason is the writer/director team. This is the … Continue reading